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Emergency Mobile Command Center (EMCC)
Delivering safety and security services to citizens -- particularly in times of crisis and at our borders -- is one of the many critical responsibilities of federal, national, and state governments. The ability to respond quickly, cost-effectively, and securely is key. First responders, U.S. Homeland Security, FEMA and Customs & Border Protection staff, armed forces personnel, firefighters, and police officers can all benefit from the EmergencyMobile Command Center (EMCC) -- a mobile communications system that is easy to transport, set up, and use for field communication when responding to emergency situations such as national disasters, terrorist threats, and health care emergencies and when protecting our borders.

The Emergency Mobile Command Center (EMCC) is a comprehensive, interoperable, real-time communications solution designed with state-of-the-art technology that can enable a team of responders to act quickly, securely, and in a more coordinated way to protect our community from unexpected emergencies and to empower border security officials to protect our country.

The EMCC is a suite of systems that enable interoperable communications and instant alert notification allowing public safety personnel, government organizations, citizens and corporations to connect anytime, anywhere using any communications device… regardless of existing infrastructure, hardware or frequencies.

The EMCC is a highly stable and reliable system due to its lack of dependency on any one single communication media infrastructure; it supports the Public Internet, WAN, 802.1 1b, VPN, Cellular, Satellite, and Radios. Communication infrastructure saturation, common when cellular usage rises dramatically, can beminimized with the addition of the most advanced spread spectrum waveform technology previously available only to the military.

The EMCC is easier, faster and less expensive than hardware alternatives. The systemcan provide ongoing day-to-day communications, as well as establish instant tactical communications within minutes of arriving on scene at an emergency. It enables live communications and alert notifications across multiple devices, including: 2-way radios, landline and cellular telephones, computers, pagers, hybrid cell phone/radio devices (such as Nextel Direct Connect), and more. Alert notifications and voice communications can be instantly transmitted in multiple languages on any device or frequency.

The EMCC’sWide Area and targeted instant alert notification system allows incident managers to immediately notify first responders and private citizens of evacuation procedures, Amber Alerts, hazmat warnings or other urgent notifications regardless of device or frequency type. The EMCC also enables users to access streaming live video and mobile surveillance connections.

The EMCC doesn’t restrict organizations to specific equipment, so there’s no need to replace your existing infrastructure, radios, computers, hardware and networks. The system supplements, integrates and mixes audio from any source, including legacy and new radios, analog and digital UHF and VHF radios, analog and digital PBX phones, cell phones, soft phones, IP phones, PDAs, and PCs. The EMCC enhances your existing communications infrastructure by allowing more users to occupy and assign radio bands without interference, providing the capability to handle increased communications volume experienced during most major incidents.

From national defense, to homeland security & emergency management, to administration and training, the Emergency Mobile Command Center (EMCC) can be used every day by virtually every department and agency in the federal government to keep our country safe and secure like never before.

Advantages to Using the TMCC
The TMCC delivers critical data, voice and video communications where and when needed and with power options that allow the system to function from diverse power sources. It is effortlessly deployed to support military actions, and enables tactical and situational awareness of the emerging digital battlefield.  Critical information is provided around the clock. The TMCC reduces 80% of cabling compared to traditional 1U (Pizza Box) servers, and centralized hot plug power means fewer power cables as well. The TMCC is capable of deploying operating systems remotely by utilizing pre-boot execution environment (PXE) technology deployed in a headless fashion, and our solution eliminates the need for keyboard, video and mouse cables.

This allows centralization of IT assets, enabling remote management of the server securely around the world. The TMCC has proven to be a comprehensive solution for typically unforgiving, complex environments and addresses mission-critical challenges faced by today’s modern military.

Tactical Solution
The TMCC has already performed a critical function in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). It is a combat-driven solution supporting Net Centric Warfare in Southwest Asia (SWA) since the 9-11 attacks.  The TMCC delivered to the military video, data, and digital voice communications as they advanced on the modern battlefield in Afghanistan. After its enormous success, the TMCC solution deployed to a new theater of operation, performing a major role during the course to free Iraq. After a one-year tour in theater, the TMCC provided outstanding operating capabilities with a 93% operational readiness rate. Other vender’s solutions delivered 23% operational readiness rates.